14 Days of Action

One man's journey to become the best stuntman he can be

Join Scottio Arnold on a 14 day journey to challenge himself to stay fit and become a better stuntman. We'll follow Scottio in his daily life and activities, witness how he finds balance in his routine, the risk he takes when a job is offered and who he needs to compete with in this business.  We will also learn about him and understand what keeps him going, at the end of the journey his stories will inspire the world.

Our Show

14 Days of Action is a documentary series that will follow stuntman Scottio Arnold for two weeks as he prepares himself mentally, physically and emotionally for life in the world of film and television stunts. 

5 episodes will include:

  • Training with stunt coordinator Kofi Elam
  • Daily living, habits and workout routines 
  • Stunt and Fight choreography
  • Interviews from trainers & industry buddies
  • Scottio’s personal stories, inspiration, struggles and triumphs on screen

Why This Story?

Scottio's story will inspire anyone who's ever felt like an underdog in a highly competitive world. 14 Days of Action also offers a look into the struggles and risks of a facet of film and television that is rarely seen and often under appreciated.

It is both a testament of tenacity and spirit, and a love letter to the stunt people of the world.


Meet Scottio

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

And Scottio Arnold knows this better than most.

Before he made his living falling down stairs, being hit by cars and lighting himself on fire (as a stunt man, of course), he grew up a very active and energetic child in a drug infested neighborhood of New Haven, Connecticut. Discovering hip hop, dance and martial arts at a local rec center was his escape.

At 19, he made the difficult decision to leave his family temporarily behind while he ventured to Los Angeles, California to build a new life for them and was introduced to a world he never even thought to dream of: that of a professional stunt man.

Scottio was determined to prove he was tough enough for the stunt world and with hard work and training, he ascended into stunt roles in various television programs, including HBO’s series TNT and CBS’ The District, and films, including The Salton Sea starring Val Kilmer and BD Wong.

Through devastating loss, marital strife and personal struggles, stunt work is what has driven and sustained Scottio.

Now at 52 years old, Scottio is more determined than ever to make his mark in the stunt world and continue doing what he loves, at any cost.

Our Team

Scottio is joined by an experienced and enthusiastic team, with expertise in stunts, production and distribution.

Kofi Elam

Kofi Elam


Taken 3

Iron Man 3

Kong: Skull Island

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Percy Jackson: Sea of Mosnters

Sabrina Chen-Louie




Good Night Papa

Morning Star

Final Recipe

Burma: A Human Tragedy

Anthony Tabron


Assistant Director/Producer


Pastor Greg

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